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pax era

Pax Era is a portable vape pen for consuming cannabis oil extracts. It can as well be referred to as a pod crafted and carefully designed to deliver robust and delicious THC or CBD-filled vapor with ease. Each pax era has two heating coils inside along with twin air holes to pull a lot of air through the cartridge. It has a much different look and feel compared to other THC pens. It is like nothing you’ve had before, the pax era is very much an ultra-convenient inhale-activated vaporizer with 50% bigger hits and automated anti-clog technology. However, it can be most easily described as a pod vaporizer system with a use case similar to a 510 cartridge vaporizer.

The Pax era is incredibly easy to use. First and foremost, it is made for pure convenience. All you’ll have to do is take your square-shaped pod and connect it to a Pax battery with a satisfying click. Right afterwards, you can start inhaling to start taking hit after hit of cannabis oil. With the pax era, you are getting the best out of the best, no more prefilling an atomizer that you’re not sure is going to work with your concentrate. You get 100% confidence with the pax era knowing fully well that it will work 100% of the time. The disposable design makes sure that you’re getting the best experience every time you click on a new pod.

Once you’re finished with your pod, all you need to do is take it out and throw it away, caping made easy. The flavors and the vapor from the Pax era are incredible. Compared to most other cartridge vapes, the Pax era is filled with a type of concentrate called ‘live resin.’The result is a full spectrum of terpenes and a more diverse array of flavors and cannabinoids. More so, the pax era promises a consistent delivery, this is the best part because no matter whether you’re taking a tiny puff or a monster rip, the pod works flawlessly. Using the Pax era really couldn’t be any easier; all that you need to do is grab one of the proprietary pods and insert it into the device.

Pax Era Pro

Pax Era Pro is an incredible vaping device that offers more predictability, control, and potency than ever before. However, it features a discreet and attractive design that provides an ideal hand feel. You will be amazed by its instant draw, compact design, and added features. This portable vape is pocket-sized with swappable pods for an on-demand experience anytime. More so, the Pax Era Pro is made with food-grade materials and tested to medical standards, certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants.

When you combine the pod technology with temp control, your oil will be good to the last drop. With this vape, there are sure some differences that you wouldn’t notice at first glance. First will be that the Pax Era Pro has a bigger logo in the middle which indicates the temp settings and battery level. It also now uses a USB-C charging port on the bottom instead of a micro-USB port like in the original. Lastly, it has thin slits on the side which improves the airflow making it easier to inhale from the Era Pro.

Kicking off this pod-activated draw heating, it is much like the Pax Era, which uses on-demand draw. It’ll detect when you inhale and automatically vaporize the oil for you. No buttons, no steps, easy as can be. You’ll be able to get between 150-300 hits which will last you the majority of a 0.5g pod from a full charge thanks to its 230mAh proprietary battery. A full charge will take around 45 minutes from the USB-C port on the bottom of the Pax Era Pro. Overall, the Pax Era Pro is a solid device for oils. It has a well-thought-out smartphone app that gives control and transparency to the users. The vapor quality is decent which most beginners will love.


Pax Era Pods

The Pax Era Pods is a new take on the vape pen. It is a proprietary pre-filled pods that snap right into the Era and all you need to do is simply inhale, moreover, it heats up automatically and feels very futuristic. Exceptionally good with every draw, Pax Era Pods is an ultra-compact dab/oil pen. It uses a proprietary cartridge system and Pax Labs controls which cannabis extract suppliers can fill and sell Pax Era cartridges. An extremely powerful device which is a step above and an evolution of the vape pen. One of Pax Era pods key features is its patented temperature control, which means the heat never burns your oil.

Inside the pods, there is a two-millimetre silica wick that is double-ended for better saturation, to get every last drop out of the pod. It has a nichrome heating wire surrounded by food-grade plastics and cotton to help with condensation. Furthermore, this pod itself has an algorithm-controlled heater, it ramps up quickly to your desired temperature, and then it enables variable wattage mode to maintain that temperature, rather than just continuously heating up. It is lightyears ahead of the technology in a lot of other vape pens because they just get hotter and hotter as the cycle continues.

Like all Pax products, Pax Era Pods have top-notch build quality, it’s an aluminium body, and even the thin parts still feel solid and not like they’re going to bend. This incredible pod uses PaxSmart which automatically sets the recommended temperature and dosage settings on the given flavor. It has a Pod ID feature that gives you all the necessary information about your CBD/THC content, flavor profile, and so much more which can be found by using the smartphone app. The smartphone app allows users to change the temperature and dosage of how they want it to be. It has a large variety of flavors since the Pax era pro is backwards compatible with the older pods of Pax.

Pax Vaporizer

The PAX vaporizer is a beautifully crafted device that combines classy-looking surfaces with advanced technology. This device is well-refined on the inside and outside, resulting in straightforward and high-quality vape sessions. The control is innovative yet simple, while the design looks both classic and modern. This ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke.

However, all pax vaporizers are equipped with heavy-duty conduction heating systems, resulting in smooth, tasty vapour wherever you may find yourself. The stainless steel heating chamber heats your material most economically, as it vaporizes your dry herb on a wider surface area. A fully packed chamber should be good for roughly 20 hits. Overall, the pax vaporizer produces good vapor quality for a portable conduction vaporizer. The good thing is, It’s a vaporizer for someone who needs a pocketable, portable, quick-heating device that’s durable and reliable.

Moreover, it should be one of your top picks for the most portable vaporizers because they are incredibly rugged, durable, and reliable. They also come with a 10-year warranty. Not to talk of its new 3D oven screen that is easier to remove. Redesigned multi-tool and included brush to make oven cleaning quick, simple and hassle-free.Enjoy sessions on the go with its durable  2+ hours of battery life and a magnetic oven lid to keep your stash secure. Be more discreet with no smoke and less odor from a device made for you.

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Pax 3

PAX 3 is one of the first dual-use portable vaporizers available to consumers. Celebrated for its performance and durability, the device quickly earned its reputation as a discreet way to vaporize dry herbs and concentrate on the go. For those looking for a dry herb vaporizer that has the portability of the Pax but the powerful vapor of the Mighty, be sure to check out the Pax 3 vape, it is however a high-powered portable vaporizer that puts powerful draws in the palm of your hand. This outstanding device features an enhanced oven that heats up in 20 seconds and also works with waxy and solid concentrates.

Moreover, it is one of the latest releases from Pax Labs and is the successor of the very pretty Pax 2 vaporizer. As outstanding as it may sound, Pax 3 heats in 30 seconds or less, features 4 pre-set temperatures, a bigger battery, and also possesses Bluetooth connectivity to customize your settings through l its app. Some features it inherited from Pax 2 such as its stainless steel oven and vapor path have not changed much and still tend to mute the overall flavor of your herb. When it comes to the size and look of pax 3, the device is less than four inches tall, with an oven that can hold about one-third of a gram.

You should get 15-25 draws from a fully packed oven, making it perfect for extended, on-the-go sessions. On the other hand, the Pax 3 is also very much pocketable and concealable. You can carry it around all day and its looks don’t scream out as a vaporizer, rather it feels good to hold, has some weight to it, has an aluminium shell with a matte finish, and four colours to choose from. Furthermore, pax 3 vaporizer is intuitive, efficient, durable, and produces great vapour. Moreover, it’s clean, and its all-in-one form factor makes for a perfect everyday carry, and the large herb chamber and great battery life will keep you satisfied.

Pax 2

Pax 2 vaporizer is a revolutionary device that redefines the vaping experience with its sleek design and cutting-edge technology. It is and has been a solid choice for every vaper because it’s easy to use and share, has a massive oven, and is small enough to go anywhere with a sophisticated style. The Pax 2 vaporizer design is magnificent, it comes with just one button that powers up and controls your experience. It is also very very to carry around and lasts up to 2 hours of continuous heating with a single charge for more sessions. It is however clear that Pax 2 was designed with capers interests in mind.

Featuring an intuitive user interface, technology that preserves your herb and battery life, an all-in-one form factor and dense, pure vapor, the Pax 2 is a joy to use. Another outstanding aspect about this vape is that it puts out some very dense vapor that’s smooth, with good flavor. Featuring a 30 – 60 second heat-up time and four preset temperatures that cover all the bases.These temperature settings ranges from 360F/180C to 380F/193C,and also 400F/204C to 420F/215C. The design is thin and light compared to most portables, and it’s a significant upgrade that stands out amongst the original Pax. The rubber mouthpiece is easy to clean and feels nice and soft on your mouth. Pax 2 is worth your time and money.

pax era

Pax Plus

Pax Plus is an ultimate dual-use, portable vaporizer, and overall, this vape brings the best out of your flower and concentrates in smooth sessions without any harsh smoke. It is beautifully crafted with advanced technology beneath their elegant surfaces, and it delivers simple, enjoyable vaping sessions. Subsequently, the Pax Plus is an upgraded yet simplified version of the Pax 3 vaporizer and it features a new heating profile that uses experience mode rather than precise set temperatures.

This device might portray a different look as well as a change in the session experience, but the overall dimensions, chamber size, heating times, and warranty have all remained unchanged. Furthermore, Pax Plus has the same iconic and minimalistic design as other Pax models, with no buttons on the surface except for the four petal-shaped LEDs on the front and the magnetic charging connector at the back. However, it uses a 3000mAh internal non-replaceable lithium-ion battery and charges through a proprietary magnetic charging dock.

On average, the Pax Plus will charge from dead in about 90 minutes which is about the same charge time of the Pax 3. It warms up quickly, has smart features such as standby mode, and the vapor quality is outstanding. If you vape mostly out of the house and prioritize portability and discreetness, the Pax Plus easily has the best size-to-performance ratio in the industry. Lastly, Pax Plus is currently rated 9.23 out of 10 and is known by many to be the most portable vaporizer in the past years.